Dani Bautista is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Hong Kong . He is available for travel throughout China and Southeast Asia.




Video Production, Concept Development

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Underwater Camera Op

Editing, Color Correction

Sports, Corporate, Commercial, Non-Profit, Educational Projects, Events


 Lifestyle, underwater Photography

Photoshop and RAW Processing

*For  inquiries please contact directly  at dani.c.bautista@gmail.com




  • Vans

  • Converse

  • NikeSB

  • New Balance#

  • Levi's

  • Showtime Sports

  • Facebook

  • Luxotica (Ray Ban, Prada, Bulgari, Persol, Tiffany & Co)

  • Hyatt Hotel

  • Shangri-La Hotel


  • Mata Hari

  • Cotton-On



Awards and Honors:

38th Metro Manila Film Festival (New Wave Student Short Film Special Jury Prize) Tagad : A skateboarding documentary film.

UPelikula Film Festival 2014 (Achievement in Direction.) Tagad : A skateboarding documentary film. 

UPelikula Film Festival 2014 (Best Cinematography.) Tagad: A skateboarding documentary film.

Upelikula Film Festival 2014 - (Documentary of the Year.) Tagad : A skateboarding documentary film.

Cebu International Documentary Film Festival 2014 (Selection) -Siilingan: A documentary film. 

Lilas Binisaya Film Festival 2014 (Best Sound) - Silingan: A documentary film.

National Geographic Short Film Showcase 2018 - Marese.



It’s not everyday that you come across an individual as versatile and passionate about the many things he does. Dani is one of the most talented visual creatives I know that Cebu is fortunate enough to have- having built a portfolio with some of the world’s most respectable brands such as Vans, New Balance, Converse, Facebook, Luxotica, just to name a few, Dani has really established himself as one of the very few reliable videographers/photographers in the realm of skateboarding/extreme sports and street fashion and culture here in SouthEast Asia. It’s amazing to think that his drive to create stunning visuals has taken him all over the word- from the rough and pronounced terrains of Eurasian continents to the highly urbanised cities of Hong Kong and New York, Dani has seen and collected footage in all. Don’t let his polished work and slick edits intimidate you, because he is fundamentally a pretty down to earth DIY kind of guy with the technical know-how on making things work. Dani is the easiest person to get along with both professionally and personally which translates very well into his creative output.

-Fonzy  *Recording artist/director